need help : how to sync outlook with mail server

hai all,

i need a mail server that support sync with outlook (outlook connector)
currently i’m using Virtualmin Pro 10.

the needs : whenever user have sent any email, the email also left a copied in server. so user can check any inbox/sent item both via webmail and outlook.
when i trying IMAP, outlook can view “sent item” that sent from webmail.
but when i sent via outlook, i can’t find it in webmail.

anybody can give me any suggestion?


I guess Outlook isn’t using the sent folder on the IMAP server. I don’t know much about Outlook, but it’s probably configurable–I seem to recall it has some sort of local set of mailboxes that it uses for all accounts. You’ll need to configure it to behave more politely.

i found this feature in qmail by google. when i sent email from outlook, i can find it’s copy on my qmail.

any idea how to configure it?



Microsoft has a writeup on how to do what you’re looking for:

I don’t have a copy of Outlook available, so I’m not able to test that. The one thing I’m concerned about is that your IMAP sent folder may not show up until you’ve “subscribed” to that IMAP folder. Subscribing to folders should be an Outlook option (though I’m not sure where!).

So I’d try the above link first, and if you just aren’t seeing the folder you want to use as your Sent folder, then dig around in the Outlook options and see if you can find how to “subscribe” to it first.

Have a good one,