Need Help for Encyptet Backup

Goot morning,

mistakes were made I lost my raid. Total damage :frowning: Only way to restore my data ist r-sync.
My Question ist: I have encrypted backup enabled. Wer did Virtualmin saves the encrypted key? is there a path to it? My backup key is damaged too. Hope someone can help me.

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You are meant to save the key, ensuring it’s safe. I am not aware you can retrieve keys manually. Got to be a reason why we ‘encrypt’ and make it harder for people to access data. Perhaps somebody else knows but without the key I don’t think you can decrypt. You will not be able to restore encrypted backups.

If root partition wasn’t a part of the damaged RAID, encryption keys should be in /root/.ssh directory.

If your backups were encrypted and the private key was lost, it would be close to impossible to restore it.

Thanks for your fast help.
It’s about the encrypted backups I made. But some idiots formatted the usb stick with all these informations -.- to scan some documents grrrrrrrr… At the moment I could restore the home folder and data folder for my cloud instance. I hope that my old recovery software can rebuild everything.

update, I cloud restore the compleat root directory from the ssd. is there any chance to extract the encryption key from Virtualmin?

Wait, I’m sorry those keys are GPG keys. They are stored under /root/.gnupg by default. The Virtualmin configuration part is located under /etc/webmin/virtual-server/bkeys, although if that was lost you can re-add Virtualmin encryption key by exporting a private key first by running the following command:

gpg --output my-private-key.pgp --armor --export-secret-key key@email.address

… and to get needed email address of a key can be done by running:

gpg --list-secret-keys


Thank you so much for your fast help. You saved a beginner’s live. I can restore all backups. I am sooooo happy :slight_smile:

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