Need alternative method of sending by SMTP urgently

Hi people.

I am having difficulty getting SASL to work using Sendmail.

I have spent several days trying everything I can but still fail.

This is becoming a major issue and I need to get some method of allowing SMTP via my server immediately, just for a week or whatever whilst the SASL issue is sorted.

What can I do to allow email to be sent from external connections without using SASL ?

The box is running Fedora 5 and Sendmail

Many thanks for reading

Did we ever see any of the sasl related errors? I don’t remember seeing anything other than the initial run at the problem… We really need to see logs to guide you. If it has ever worked, then I can’t imagine that it would be all that hard to make it work again…I would imagine there’s an error we can work with in the logs.

As for “immediate” solutions…well, no good ones. That’s why we all suffer through saslauthd.

You could find out the IP addresses of all of your senders, and add those to the list of local networks. This, of course, won’t work for dynamic IP addresses.

POP-before-SMTP was the ancient way of solving this problem…but I haven’t seen anyone mention it in like fifty years, so I don’t even know if there are still maintained packages for doing it.

You could also try compiling the Dovecot SASL authenticator that I mentioned a while back in our conversation. I don’t know that it’s any easier, but maybe you can find better and more recent documentation? I dunno. I do sympathize…I found saslauthd to be very difficult to setup, and I’ve been a professional system administrator for a dozen years now (the sad thing is, it’s usually a total of four or five lines of configuration…but it’s spread across three files, and those files are always in bizarre locations).

Many thanks Joe for your help on the other thread and replying to me here.

The situation was causing me such grief that I had to sort it out immediately.

Therefore I have decided to get a new virtual server just for the sake of getting over the problem. As it is a monthly contract I have time to sort out the problem on the old server and then scrap the temporary virtual server.

So, be prepared for lots of problems from me.

Many thanks again for your patience.