Naming the Host question

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.0.4
Virtualmin version Latest

I am going to set up a VPS that is mainly an email server, but will have a few small low traffic sites on various domains as well. My primary domain, and the one I want email for, will be “”, how should I name the vps host generally speaking? I am thinking of naming it something like “”.

When I create the DNS records at the registrar, I will create all the records for, one of which will be an CNAME record for “host1” pointing to “”. Correct?

Sure, that’s fine.

It’s not complicated. Just don’t name it any domain that will have mail that you’ll be managing with Virtualmin. You never need to use the name of the server for anything ever again once you have the first Virtualmin domain setup. The system hostname pretty much doesn’t matter, except that you must have a fully qualified domain name, and it must (eventually) resolve.

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Thanks joe… Another question:

If, when installing Virtualmin, I dont have the dns records for,, etc setup will this cause problems when requesting a SSL cert via LetsEncrypt? I’ve noticed it includes several subdomains when you request the cert…

You will need a DNS pointing at the virtualmin for LetsEncrypt to work, else it will fail.


In the meantime the self signed cert will be ok for me to configure thins until I can transfer the domain’s dns, right?

If you don’t use those subdomains, disable them when requesting a cert.

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