naming conventions of new domain users

this is a rare one and hase an easy workaround:

When you want to add domains, that only have a different TLD, the naming conventions in Virtualmin will fail as it wants to create a user with the same name. So whenever the second domain with the same name will be added, the username needs to be given manually.


Hey Dirk,

Actually, go into the Vm config under defaults for new domains and choose full domain name instead of "username or first part of domain"


Hey guys,

Both work. But even better would be if we actually fixed it. I didn’t know this happened (whenever we’ve had TLDs they’ve always been aliased to an existing domain, so we never had separate accounts). :wink:

Yes, this is a bug - we use the domain name for the username if there is going to be clash with the first part, but don’t do the same for groups!

PS - Virtualmin 3.40 will fix it.