Can somebody advise on the right way to do this

I currently have a vps using two nameservers - vps.ip.add - vps.ip.add

and have added two more child nameservers at the domain register with the new ip address for my dedicated server - dedi.ip.add - dedi.ip.add

I am using CentOS 7 and have installed Virtualmin (several times) and am just not getting it right, i have been reading as much as I can but still do not seem to get it right

I don’t wish to host my-domain.tld on the virtualmin centos server at the moment,

I suppose there are different way you can set up your DNS/nameservers. this is how I do it.

  1. if using a shared IP for many Virtualmin accounts aka websites You might want to run BIND to handle the different domains then from Virtualmin:
  • edit server / enabled features -> DNS domain enabled? and save.
    Go to your domain management panel and add 2 child namerservers -> your VPS IP same for ns2.
  1. if you have dedicated IPs for every Website you can assign a dedicated IP to each website and don’t need to run BIND at all.
    You can either set up 2 child namerservers -> your website IP same for ns2. or use your VPS provider DNS which will then point to the dedicated IP for the specific website.

I hope this helps