Name Servers

Ok. I have search the forums for the past 24 hours… can’t seem to find a solution to my problem which is:

  1. I have a CentOS Server with virtualmin (
  2. I have registered a domain (currently parked), I want to host this domain
    on my virtualmin server. But the domain registrar explicitly says that :

If you are using your own nameservers, please note that the ff. requirements must be met or the system will not allow the changes.
(a) there must be two (2) unique nameservers for your domain,
(b) the nameservers are authoritative for your domain, and
© the nameservers are up and running.


Name Server 1:
    IP Address:

Name Server 2:
    IP Address:
  1. Now my question is how do I setup these (2) unique nameservers in virtualmin
    for the domain How do I set the hostnames? I have several static ip
    addresses that I can use (if that is the requirement).

Can somebody please direct me on any documentation or forum post
that I can follow through. I am really confused here…

Or maybe somebody can just tell me that I am out of my mind and what I am trying
to do is remotely impossible in Virtualmin!

Hope to hear soon from you guys!


Yeah, its typically just a matter of choosing two IP addresses to use (whether on the same server, or separate servers), and assigning them names such as and

And by that, all I mean is that you’d go into the dropdown in Virtualmin, go into Services -> DNS Domain, and setup two “Address” records, one for ns1, the other for ns2.

Once you do that, you can go to the registrar you bought from, and register those two names as “nameservers”.

Once you’ve told your registrar that you intend on using those as nameservers, you’ll then be able to edit the domain name information at your registrar, and set and as the nameservers to use for that particular domain.

Does that make sense?

Have a good one!


What I did was to register and as nameservers at the registrar, those are the Parent Nameservers. Not all registrars will let you register nameservers though. Namecheap and GoDaddy will let you do it.
Then, have them and use them in virtualmin as your nameservers.

Any domain, such as, you create in virtualmin will get those nameservers. Then for any domain ( you host you change the nameservers (NS records) at its registrar to point to and

sniped by Eric…

Thanks andrychek for your reply… I still have some questions if you don’t mind

“Yeah, its typically just a matter of choosing two IP addresses to use (whether on the same server, or separate servers), and assigning them names such as and”

I intend to use one server … where will I assign the & ip addresses?
is it sufficient just to put it on the zone file of or do i need 2 virtual server with two ip address?


First, you’d setup the two IP address on your machine (ie, so that your box responds to a ping on either IP).

Then yeah, as you said, you’d just go into your Virtual Server, and setup both the ns1 and ns2 within it (in Services -> DNS Domain).


Thanks to Andreychek and Ronald… The trick that did it for me is to assign another IP address on Webmin->Networking.

Assign ip’s to NS1 and NS2 in the DNS zone file.

I have to point those IP addresses in my other dns server so that
my registrar will know how to find my virtualmin server …

Thanks guys! you rock!