Name server confusion

Yes, another confused user! Sorry!

I have a domain registered with Hostroute - with A record and MX record pointing to - my static IP address.

The nameservers for the domain are the Hostroute nameservers.

In Virtualmin I have added the NS records and in the DNS settings.

In the DNS settings at Hostroute I have registered the nameservers and pointing to my IP address.

Now, I have another domain - - registered with Hostroute and I’ve set the nameservers for that domain to and - the server is also created in Virtualmin.

However, reports:

Nameservers for returned (SERVFAIL) returned (SERVFAIL)

I am doing something wrong but can’t work out what! Please help! Many thanks in advance.



Well, it sounds like your nameserver setup is correct… but, BIND isn’t answering queries on

Is your server by chance behind a NAT router? If so, is port 53 UDP being forwarded into your server?

Or, is there a firewall blocking port 53?

Otherwise, you may want to verify that port 53 UDP is listening on your server. What does this command output:

netstat -an | grep :53

The given IP address does not react to ping or traceroute either. The route leading there looks like it’s a dedicated server as opposed to a home-hosted one?

So what Eric suggested is valid and should be checked. Additionally, this sentence here struck me:

In Virtualmin I have added the NS records and in the DNS settings.

Are you sure you mean NS records? You configured your Virtualmin to have those host names as NS records for “”? Those entries then clash with what your registrar has recorded as NS for that domain: 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS ;; Received 111 bytes from in 130 ms

Those entries don’t hurt either though, since your Virtualmin is not hosting the zone at all. It only would be if you configured the NS entries at your registrar too, which might or might not be what you want.