Name-based Virtual hosting not available


A lot websites providing a how-to on virtualmin state that when you are creating a new Virtual Server, there is an option to specify ‘Web server type’ which can be “name based” or “IP based”. I can’t find that option on my installation.

Please see attached screenshot.

is it something that is only available in the PRO version? Or Is it an addon ?



Also in the GPL version you can add IP’s in the Addresses and Networking - Shared IP Addresses

When creating a domain/virtual server, at the bottom - IP address and forwarding - Network interface - you can then choose shared and virtual with IP.

However, it is extremely inefficient to have every website on its own IP. One would do this only if a specific website needs its own certificate, like a ecommerce website.

Also there aren’t enough IP’s to go around with and that is why shared hosting came into play. 100’s even 1000’s of websites can be on a single IP.

I agree with you, that we could have multiple websites on a single IP. I have a specific requirement of using name-based virtualhosting, something like this
<VirtualHost *:80>

ServerName www.domain.tld
ServerAlias domain.tld *.domain.tld
DocumentRoot /www/domain

<VirtualHost *:80>

ServerName www.otherdomain.tld
DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain

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I am still wondering why my Virtualmin control panel does not have the website type option.

i don’t know what you mean by website type option, your screen shot isn’t showing either.

this < VirtualHost *:80 > should be < VirtualHost >

you can set that in the Virtualmin - System Settings - Module Config - Networking Settings - Default virtual server IP address


Read Set up virtual servers topic.

I do not want apache or virtual hosts to be bound to a specific address :frowning:

See 2nd message, what do you mean by “Apache is configured for name-based virtual hosting,” ?

ah right.

when you install the lot the first time, the default location for a website is in /var/www/html

as soon as you create a virtual server, the location will be in /home/*/public_html

and all other servers you create will be under /home. So you need them on 1 IP, unless you have many IP’s available or only want to host as many virtual servers as you have IP’s. That’s up to you.

And yes, you will want to bind Apache and virtual hosts to a specific address, either on 1 IP or on as many IP’s that you have available.

If you don’t, expect issues with resolving domain names to your websites (which you won’t post about as you now know the solution already)… :stuck_out_tongue:

to conclude:
Logic says: shared hosting equals 1 IP. Secure site (https) is not shared and thus equals a separate dedicated IP