MySQL Workbench?

Running CentOS, do we use the Redhat packages? I’m trying to install MySQL Workbench on an i386 but I don’t seem to see anything that looks like it will work on my machine, and yum list available |grep workbench returns nothing.

Has anyone installed it?


Workbench does work on CentOS, get the Oracle/RedHat RPM from here:

Workbench is generally used on a workstation, not on a server. You might be better off installing and configuring phpMyAdmin, which is available in most base repos. PMA does require some conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf changes to get it running properly on a remote server, but it should work fine from a localhost connection.

As PlayGod notes, if you want to use Workbench, you should probably install it on your desktop machine, and not your Virtualmin server. It’s a GUI app that runs on the desktop, and is not web-based…so you run it where you want to see it, not where the database lives. You’d then need to configure MySQL to allow remote connections and setup user(s) with a password who can access the bits of your database you want to work with.

Yeah, that’s pretty much where I was with it. Before building the machine, I asked, re-asked, reiterated, and then double-checked “Do you want this to be more like a ‘server’ machine or more like a ‘desktop’ machine?”

Since the answer was an emphatic “server”, I think it goes without say that the first thing they wanted after the build was in-depth desktop software, for which many of the pre-reqs are missing.

It’s on me, so, thanks for the help everyone.


Sounds like the client was thinking “Windows Server, but with Linux”? Or it was a corporate client that budgeted for a hi-roller server, but the recipient decided to use it as a workstation…

If it’s an in-house dev server you are building, then use phpMyAdmin. If it’s a workstation that is running Virtualmin for convenience as a dev workstation, then Workbench is a good tool for modeling, backing up and moving to/from production.

repoforge has a fairly up-to-date PMA:

Name : phpMyAdmin
Arch : noarch
Version : 3.5.1
Release : 1.el6.rf
Size : 4.2 M
Repo : rpmforge

Make sure to call for the camel-case version, because phpmyadmin lower-case is the 2.x series.

You will have to configure it to be accessible from remote, let me know if you want to use my conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf file, which runs under ssh and allows remote. You might want to limit the remote client IPs for better security.