MySQL users can see all databases

Hi there!

First off, really digging Virtualmin. Been kicking the tires for a few months and its been a great experience so far.

I’m a bit confused on the MySQL users though. Right now I can see under Webmin’s Database Permissions page that a particular user (Tito) should have access to only one database (also Tito).

However, when I log in to PhpMyAdmin with that user, I can see all of the databases on my account.

In fact, that is the case for all of my database users.

So far, no real fear as I’m the only one using it. But I want to be in a position that I can give others database access as needed. And I’m not super jazzed about all my applications having permissions in all of my databases.

Am I missing something? Is there something that should be done to insure that what is shown in the interface lines up with the actual permissions? Or perhaps this is the wrong interface?

Thank you,



Hmm, that’s very unusual!

On a typical setup, database users should only have access to their own databases.

I’m curious, if you create a new top-level Virtual Server, and you log into phpMyAdmin as that user, does that new user have the same problem as your existing users?