MySQL user help

Hey all. Just bought an unmanaged VPS without cPanel from Virpus because it was only $5. I got the VPS and installed Webmin & Virtualmin. I’m pretty familiar with cPanel but I’m a complete noob when it comes to Webmin & Virtualmin.

The problem I am having is setting up a user in MySQL on this. I was able to create a database easily but as far as creating a user and adding it to the database (with all permissions) is completely different than what I am used to with cPanel.

Is there anyone here who knows how to do this properly on Webmin & Virtualmin and wouldn’t mind explaining how it’s done (in simple terms that a noob like me can understand)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Whenever you create a new Virtual Server (aka a “domain” in cPanel), it would automatically create a MySQL login and an initial database for you if the “MySQL database enabled” feature is checked.

You can see the enabled features in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features.

The database user would have the same username and password as the Virtual Server owner for that domain.


Thanks Eric. Would there be a way to enable all permissions, or restrict some of them, like there is in cPanel?

In Virtualmin, you can give users you create in the “Edit mail and FTP users” section full access to specific databases (of the respective domain).

If you need more granular access rights, you can do that in Webmin’s MySQL module directly. Be aware though that changes you do there happen “behind Virtualmin’s back”. :slight_smile:

Okay well I give up. I understand what you guys are saying however I can’t get it to work at all. Maybe I’m just retarded and I should have just payed the extra money to get cPanel instead. Was hoping to save alot of my clients money by not having to purchase cPanel and to use this instead but this obviously isn’t for amateurs and is alot more complicated than cPanel.

Thanks everyone for trying to help me but even the normally simple task of setting up a MySQL database, getting the user, db and pw set up correctly is way over my head.

What exactly is the problem?

Setting up databases, creating users and giving them access is actually very easy in Virtualmin. Just go to “Edit Mail/FTP users”, add a user, and check the “Other user permissions” section. You’ll find all databases associated with the respective virtual server there and can give the user access.

It just gets a little more complex if you need more granular access rights, e.g. per-table or per-field, which is something that I bet cPanel cannot do at all. :stuck_out_tongue: In Virtualmin, you need to do that in the Webmin MySQL module, which is also very straightforward.

As for “amateurs”: Web hosting in general is not for amateurs. If you rely fully on some control panel to do everything for you, you will run into serious trouble sooner or later. No control panel will take the responsibility to know your system from you.