MYSQL problem in Virtualmin

I just installed new VM with fresh centos 77-1908
I installed virtualmin and I ahve logged in and I did the Re-Check Configuration System was ready but I had to add a MYSQL password as always
I continue the link and there is a form to fill the password twice for confirmation and there is a message saying that there is no password.
I wrote the password twice and cliked save button. I received a error message.

Failed to change administration password : DBI connect failed : Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: NO)

I restarted the MySQL server form the dashboard and suddenly it has disappeared.
I seen a message before that mysqld is not installed but I don’t remeber the exact message.

I used the commands and downloaded the same files, like.
What’s wrong?

Thank you

I fixed it. Using the post installation wizard.
There is moment that asks me for a root password and I selected the checkbox to ovewrite the password.
Later MYSQL works fine. But the thing is that, in the wizard, the password is visible when you write it, that’s not the most secure way to write a root password.

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