mysql permissions

I need advice regarding mysql authorities. I am a total novice wrt mysql. I set up a website ( with virtualmin having the features proftpd, mysql, apache postfix. All work well. My problem is when a public user adds to the database it is posted and shows as a content, but when you try and view the detail added it is not showing the content. I have tried fix permissions and added all permissions to the user with no luck. Any advice would be appreciated


How are you going about adding this information to MySQL? And where is it that you’re trying to view it later?

Is this via a website of some sort?


The information is added via the webpage an add. It is the available for view per table in the search page which works fine to this point. When you try and open the field to view the detail it will not show. I have set field permissions to select insert update references which is all that is allowed and in table permissions i have sellected all.

Any advice appreciated