MYSQL Passwords changed randomly


I’ve got a debian 9 server with virtualmin and mysql (10.1.45) for a while now.

I have around 6 virtual hosts but 2 servers are causing me some trouble.
A few weeks ago I got an error saying that the website couldn’t connect to the database. The other websites were running fine, so I got into it and could find anything. At last I changed the password through the UI MySQL database Custom password and when updating the password in the .env the website was back online. It happened with another website the week after.

Tryed to see what was wrong but couldn’t find anything intersting.

Today I’ve had the 2 same websites with the same problem. I just changed the password again, updated the info and voila everything was working fine again.

I’d like to solve the issue but fail to see a start or clue of what is happening.


I confirm I too am facing a similar issue on Debian 9. For one virtual server the password resets randomly every time MySQL server is restarted. The unique thing about this virtual server is that it was restored from a Virtualmin generated backup. Other virtual servers on the same system which were created via the Virtualmin interface do not have this problem.

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