Mysql not working?

G-day everyone

I got two machines, one for Dreamweaver 8 and other as Web Server with Mysql installed
My problem is when I go into the command thing on Ubuntu Server and typed SHOW DATABASE it says “You have an error in your SQL syntax”

I log in to my mysql server via the command line " sudo mysql -p" and after that I got access to my mysql server and wanted to create database etc and now I am stuck with the error above! Can anyone know this problem and would appreciate your effort to help me.

Also I currently purchase the Virtualmin Pro and created a database and I am confuse when it come to Dreamweaver connection to Mysql Server
My confusion>
Connection Name: Any name?
Mysql Server: The main server name? or the account that I created?
Username: root? or account username for the datbase?
Password: same discription as above

Any help is much appreciate

Regard Milvers

You’re close!

The command you’re after is actually plural, and needs to end with a semicolon like so:

show databases;

As far as connecting to MySQL – it depends on where you’re connecting from.

If the database connection is occurring from your Dreamweaver box, then you’ll need to enter the IP address of the MySQL server.

If you’re writing some code, and uploading it to the database server to be run from there, you’d make the connection “localhost”.

What user to use? It’s best not to use root unless you’re doing administration. I’d create a Virtual Server for your project, and use the user associated with your Virtual Server.

Also, if you plan to connect to the MySQL server remotely, you’d need to make sure that MySQL is listening for remote connections, and that the MySQL user you’re connecting as has permissions to do so – by default, you can only connect from localhost (you can tweak connection permissions in Edit Databases -> Remote Hosts – just make sure the IP address of the system you’re connecting from is listed in there).

Hi Eric

Thanks for the quick response

Sorry to mention that I did put SHOW DATABASE; (with semi-common) and everytime I type in with ; at the end gave me the error as per to my previous message.

So for editing the connection permission you said that I have to put the IP address of the MySQL server? or do I have to put the dreamweaver installed machine for the server to listen to?

Thanks Will

Okay, so the only part you’re missing then is the “s” there – it’s “show databases”, not “show database” :slight_smile:

As for the database permissions – you need to tell MySQL about the IP address of any system you are connecting from.

By default, it only has localhost.

If you intend on connecting to MySQl from your Dreamweaver machine, then you need to add that machine’s IP address.

Ohhh ok I get it now and thank you for that magic “s” got through the process without facing the error of death for a while!

Thank you for your help and will let you know if I encounter any errors