MySQL for wordpress mu


How do I create a MySQL database as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it.

I want to install wordpress mu with subdomain support, The Virtualmin default installs it with directory support only,

In order to achieve this, I’m installing wordpress mu from source, but the MySQL database isn’t connecting. I’ve tried creating the db using virtualmin and phpMyAdmin.

Thanks in advance, I’m stumped.

under webmin - servers - MySQL Database Server
look in right pane - find near top the "Create new database"

Once you’ve done this bring it under control of the specific domain/user.
same place but now click “Database Permissions” and near top click “Create new database permissions.”

pick your settings like user and database.
That should do it.

Genius. You’ve helped me before. Amazing what the eyes can see when they are steered to the right spot.

Thanks again!