MySQL doesn't exist? [rehash]

Hey all,

Another issue (hopefully the last one!) I have with this software. I’m attempting to set up a blog at (the domain is up now) but it is throwing an error back at me that ‘Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.’

I’m fairly sure MySQL is installed (used the install script). is a phpinfo() dump and it doesn’t show any reference (asides from a few auth things) to MySQL.



You didn’t mention what OS/version you’re running.

It’s probably missing the php-mysql, or php5-mysql package.

yum install php-mysql


apt-get install php5-mysql

That might do it.

Oh - sorry: Debian 4.0

And that fix works - thanks a lot! That said, I’d used the install script to install this onto a lean install of Debian…I would’ve thought it be included in the script.

Thanks again!