MySQL Database Sharing

Is it possible to access the parent server’s MySQL database without creating a sub-server database on the sub-server first? Can it be done at all for that matter? I would like to keep a single database for my entire domain and just create new tables inside the database for the sub-servers. Hope that sounds right?

Not having a database on my sub-server also prevents Roundcube installer from running too stating there is no database on the sub-server, even though Roundcube is supposed to create it’s own database, at least if you install manually.

Yes and no (but mostly no, if I’m interpreting your desired workflow correctly).

Yes, because you could certainly configure apps within a sub-server to connection as the parent MySQL user. No, because Install Scripts don’t know/care about that. Sub-servers are complete and somewhat independent of their parent, by design. This keeps the complexity of things like Install Scripts somewhat lower.

But, if you install an app manually there’s nothing stopping you from using the parent MySQL user. It’s just not an option we’ve implemented (that I know of) for Install Scripts.