MySQL Database error

Hello guys

I ran into an error since today with the creation of SQL database thanks to Virtualmin

here is the error

. MySQL database failed! : SQL flush privileges failed : Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist at …/ line 1323.

I search trough the forum a solution and founded this one from andrey:

“One possible fix would be to locate the “mysql_fix_privilege_tables” that’s provided with your version of MySQL, and to run that – it may be able to solve that for you.”

But I don’t know how to execute this sql file by de command line ? I assume i need to specify my login/pass in the commandline as well ?


Hi guys i founded the solution.

First it was because i installed remi re which upgrade my mysql version which make sometime a bug depending on the version you have.

For the solution it was to create a new one, easy:

connect to you mysql server

mysql --user=root --host=localhost --password=yourpassword

USE mysql;

CREATE TABLE servers (
Server_name char(64) NOT NULL,
Host char(64) NOT NULL,
Db char(64) NOT NULL,
Username char(64) NOT NULL,
Password char(64) NOT NULL,
Port int(4) DEFAULT NULL,
Socket char(64) DEFAULT NULL,
Wrapper char(64) NOT NULL,
Owner char(64) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (Server_name)