MySQL Backups


When a backup is run and the MySQL databases are dumped, how do I tell Virtualmin to run the dump with “–single-transaction”?

I found the following link showing how to do it in Webmin, But the option is not available in the Virtualmin backup area -


I haven’t tested this, but maybe the option in Webmin also takes effect for Virtualmin database backups? Did you try this?


Yeah, I believe Locutus is correct here, that should resolve it (although I haven’t tested it either :slight_smile:

But in general, whenever Virtualmin interacts with your system, it uses Webmin (and it’s related settings) to do so.


Thank guys, I think this is working ok. Unfortunately its difficult to say with 100% certainty as I don’t know if Webmin logs these calls :slight_smile:

Webmin has a “debug log” feature, which, when turned on, should log all calls that it makes, files that it opens etc. You can turn it on under “Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Debugging Log File”.