I’m running virtualmin pro on FC4. I’d really like to upgrade to MySQL 5. Is this safe, or will it break VirtualMin in anyway ?

Hi Chris,

I’m not sure what will happen. You’d be the first.

Is there some feature of 5 that you’ve gotta have? It’s awfully new software, and I wouldn’t think any scripts would be making use of any of the new features (heck, most scripts still run fine on MySQL 3!).

Hi Joe,

Yeah 5 is new, but it’s now on general release from MySQL and has superceded 4.1 to be their “recommended” version. Why is it that people seem to like lagging behind MySQL’s releases by a version or three? I’ve been using 5 on my dev box since it was alpha.

As for the features that i’ve gotta have, how about Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views :wink:

I know that most of my customers will never use these features, but I deploy all the sites I write in ColdFusion on my server and I will use these features.

I’ve tested an inplace upgrade from 4.1 to 5 on my dev box which runs webmin and virtualmin gpl without issue, and looking at the upgrade docs there don’t seem to be anychanges that will cause the average user a problem.

I’ll probably give this a go over the weekend and see what happens :slight_smile:


MySQL 5 works like a charm.

Well it would, but i can’t upgrade it on FC4 without breaking a lot of dependencies, so for now i will be leaving well alone :slight_smile:

If you install the Dynamic client libraries (including 3.23.x libraries) package this should correct the dependancy issue.