not resolving

Operating system: CentOS
OS version: 8 64 bit

Clean OS installs on two VPSs, intending to use as DNS servers so installed Webmin. End of automated procedure in each instance was the message that it is now OK to go to and log in. FF tells me it is unable to connect. Can’t even get a login page to show.

I have two other VPSs with Virtualmin. No such problem, although one of those is not authenticating (separate ticket under the Virtualmin section).

Each VPS has an A record pointing at its IP address. I can shell into all of them.

Ideas to pursue appreciated. A solution would be a real blessing.



I’ve solved this. Turned out port 10000 was closed by FirewallD. So I opened it on both VPSs and everything is working on each of them.

It didn’t help with my other problem, though, reported in the Virtualmin section.

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