My websites stopped loading on mobile devices

I have been using Virtualmin on my server for a couple of years now, and I have quite a few websites running on virtual servers. But all of a sudden, none of the websites will load on mobile devices, over 3G. They load fine when on wifi but not on their carrier connection. I am pretty sure I didn’t change anything, any settings or anything so I don’t really know how to debug this. Clients are obviously a little unhappy…as am I :slight_smile:

Any ideas people?



The first place I’d look is to see if there’s a firewall in place on your server that’s blocking mobile connections.

You can check that by running “iptables -L -n”. What output does that produce?

Also, is it possible for you to mention one of the domains that’s having this problem? That would allow us to try loading that, and being able to reproduce the behavior would help us troubleshoot the issue.