My VPS's website is not displayed?


I am very new to VPS and Linux, and have been stuck to set up my own VPS server which I would like to run on CentOs 5 32bit.

I managed to install both Webmin and Virtualmin on my VPS server, and I set up and configure DNS on Webmin DNS BINDING without issues; and it seems to works well when I issue the following command in SSH:

-Verify that the DNS servers:

dig @myIP

-Verify if Mail Server is OK:

dig mx

and I make sure that httpd is refreshing:

service httpd restart

All the above commands have produced no errors. At this stage the home page of my VPS ( displayed CentOs deault page.

However, I have no clue of how to create an FTP user so that I can transfer my web pages/folders to the web server. I went to Webmin again and do the followings:

System ->Users and Groups->create a new user

and add a user by setting a username and password with /bin/sh shell

I then I use an FTP client to log into the FTP server using the above username and password I created; and I did manage to log into the FTP server and transfer a test php file there. But when I went back to my VPS’s homepage, nothing is displayed except I get error on the browser as follows:

Index of /
Name Last modified Size Description

Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

I also noticed that a folder with the above user name has been created in /home/ when checking it in Webmin?

Could you please help with the above issue?

Many thanks in advance.

Warm Regards



How did you perform your Virtualmin installation – did you by chance use the script?

Normally to do what you’re asking – what you’d do is log into Virtualmin, create a new domain, go into Edit Users, and then create an FTP user within that domain.

You normally wouldn’t want to create the domain or FTP users within Webmin, you’d only want to use Virtualmin for that.

When you log in on port 10000, do you see an option for “Create Virtual Server” and “Edit Users”?


Hi Andreychek,

Many thanks for your prompt help.

I did install Webmin first as I cannot install Virtualmin without having FQDN ready and Network Interface. After I installed Webmin, I did set up DNS or DNS Binding successfully before I went to install Virtualmin. But my website is not displayed; only Centos default page is shown on my VPS’s home page as described above.

Yes, I did install Virtualmin using script as follows:

chmod +x


I have only one main domain which is my VPS server. How can I create an FTP user for that domain in Webmin or Virtualmin?

Again I very appreciate your help.


Hi Adrey,

I tried to create a virtual server, but here is the error:

Failed to create virtual server : No virtual domains file (virtual_alias_maps) was found in your Postfix configuration!

Do you have any idea of the above error?

Many thanks

Edit: I managed to get my FTP webserver working through your guidance above. Just delete DNS Zone completely in Webmin, and create a new Virtual Server in Virtualmin. The process is very fast and done automatically, and I can log into FTP server and upload files to display my website.

Many thanks