My usermin is broken

Hi, after playing a bit with apache config, now I have a problem with usermin… I cannot log into my usermin account, it does not recon my user password anymore.

Any idea what I can do to fix it? Where I can look into?


Howdy Julien,

OK, so Apache has nothing to do with it–so don’t fret over having messed with the Apache configuration.

First up check the username–Usermin uses the POP3/IMAP/FTP username and password. So look in the Edit Mail/FTP Users page in Virtualmin to see what the POP3/FTP username is. You may also want to reset the password of the user you’re trying to connect as.

If the problem persists after doing so, look in the /var/usermin/miniserv.log and miniserv.error logs for any clues.

My usermin works again, fine :slight_smile: And I did nothing :slight_smile: