My entire started having problems after latest webmin update

Hi guys,
the latest webmin update issued has started causing problems with my debian 9 server. Email deliverability went haywire, an attempt at reissuing an SSL cert from letsencrypt has now knocked my entire server offline.

What have you done in the latest webmin update that could cause this? has anyone else had any problems?

i am having to restore the server from 24 hours ago…whatever it is that has happened in webmin 6.09 and 6.09-2 …its completely F$%ked my system. I am suspicious there is an SSL issue related to the update (how i havent a clue but its definately done something because prior to me updating everything was running perfectly and i havent even been at my server all day today since i updated it. Initially the update seemed ok, however, i notice that email clients stopped functioning, and some websites began to have problems with SSL cert issues, php5.6 stopped working on one clients website (taking it offline).
I havent any logs…nothing was showing up in the apache logs anyway. Then i could even access webmin…it just kept login in, then almost immediately loosing connection as soon as I clicked on virutualmin SSL certificates menu.

I think you mat be seeing the same issue as we are on our thread here

It also seems to have stopped php 5.6 working on my server…i cant find the php5.6 running process anymore and i have 1 client website that relies on it (we are rebuilding the website to run on php7.4 but its just not ready yet)

Has the latest webmin stopped working with php5.6?

Webmin (current version is 1.942) has no interaction with PHP. Virtualmin (virtual-server module) version 6.09/6.09-2 still supports PHP 5.6, but there were changes in how PHP-FPM ports work to fix a bug. This change may be related, if you’re using PHP-FPM execution mode (rather than suexec+fcgid).

What happens with Re-check configuration and Validate Virtual Servers, any clues?

recheck configuration and validate virtual servers says everything is ok.

the only thing i note is that whislt postfix is mentioned, dovecot is not mentioned in the recheck configuration…should it be?

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