MY Email is totally BROKEN!

Hi All,

Funny one i cannot quite work out.

I have about 6 or 7 domains on my Kimsufi Dedicated low cost server.

The first domain i ever used with this server was
As kimsufi is a bit touch&go at best i use google apps via freedns to manage my main for THIS DOMAIN ONLY.

All my other domains use the kimsufi/webmin/virtualmin combo. which worked fine until i tried to do some updating to php, resulting in me having to fix the fastcgi php modules.

Now whenever i send an email to one of my other domains it was initially totally bouncing, saying the user is not on this domain.
and it seems to always try and send mail to domain even when i am trying to send to another.

I have tried to fix it alot and i’m resorting to asking in the forums in the hope someone can help.

Please please help!