MX record to be at GoDaddy for email ??


My first CentOS server so I installed Webmin and Virtualmin Pro.

However, I need the emails going through GoDaddy’s mx records…
GoDaddy gives me 2 MX records to use yet I do not know how to assign these to the dedicated VPS domain I have working on my Linux box !

[note: I have one virtual private domain, and 3x other shared hosting domains… 2 fixed IP’s - 1x shared as the core IP, the other the dedicated IP, also using registered own nameservers pointing to the two IP’s]

Does anybody know the answer to this one ?<br><br>Post edited by:, at: 2008/07/08 07:53


It sounds like you’re saying that the box you have Virtualmin installed on is acting as the DNS server for certain domains, and you wish for those domains to use GoDaddy as their MX server. Does that sound about right?

If so, you can change their MX records with the following:

  • Log into Virtualmin
  • Choose the domain in question from the dropdown
  • Click Services
  • Click DNS Domain
  • Go into Mail Server

From there, you can add the mail server (MX) records for GoDaddy. Make sure you hit “Apply Changes” when you’re all done.

And then you’d just repeat that for all the domains.

Hi andreychek,

Thanks for replying… the instructions that GoDaddy give are :

To Change the MX Record

  1. Log on to your hosting provider or third-party domain name system manager.
  2. Change your MX records to:
    * MX 0 -
    * MX 10 -

I am totally new to setting up a Linux server, sorry… building websites and programming…no probs!, but coding and the technical stuff! thats a vertical learning curve for me.

Am I to assume that I just copy over to the "Allowed sender mail domains" of the server settings DNS options ?


can’t be that… saved the two mx namsewervers in there and pressed save… the field is blank when I look back in there… I assume they are wrong and it deletes them.


That’s almost, but not quite, the area you want to be in :slight_smile: To change your MX records, go into here:

  • Log into Virtualmin
  • Choose the domain in question from the dropdown
  • Click Services
  • Click DNS Domain
  • Go into Mail Server

And where it says “Name”, pop in your domain name, followed by a “.”. So if your domain is MYDOMAIN.COM, you’d enter:


For "mail server", enter:

(again, notice the trailing ".")

Then, enter a priority of “0”. That’s it for your first MX server! Then just do that again for the second one they list above – put your domain (followed by a “.”) in the “Name” field, in the Mail Server, and enter a priority of 10.

Save that, then hit Apply Changes to restart your DNS service.

Those steps should then have your MX records for this domain pointed to GoDaddy’s two servers.

Good luck!

Brilliant !! :slight_smile:

I found where you mean this time :wink:
I have the lazy theme applied to webmin and Virtualmin and locating the correct place was slightly different.

The two nameservers are in now, and applied.

Question? I already had the default nameserver listed with a priority level 5 in this section… I presume I was correct in deleting that entry ???

Many thanks andreychek, such help is a huge relief for me… I feel blind and frustrated with working out what is going on in some of these functions in the server at the moment ! I will be so much more happier in a few months when looking after my server becomes second nature.

When I say nameserver - Doh!! I mean mail server of the original domain name…

Yeah, it’ll make more and more sense as continue to mess with all this stuff, just don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty :slight_smile: (that said, you might want to get them dirty on a non-production box somewhere! I might recommend setting up a test box using the free VMWare Server or similar, that’s what I use when I don’t want to mess up settings on a production box)

Regarding the original mail server entry – assuming you want to completely move your mail to GoDaddy (which it sounds like you do), then deleting that entry was the right thing to do.

Also, the actual priority numbers don’t matter so much. The key is that the MX record with the lowest priority is considered the primary mail server. All the others are backups (tried in order of priority if the primary is offline).

Good luck!