MX: BIND Issue

Whenever I try to do a checkup of my MX records I am getting the message that my domain does not resolve to an IP or that the DNS server is non authoritative.
This causes e-mails not to arrive.

Topology: =>points to => and
On the DNS server I have following zone:

zone “” {
type master;
file “/var/named/”;
allow-transfer {;

In that zone I have following records:

$ttl 38400
@ IN SOA (
38400 )
@ IN NS IN A xx.xx.xx.xx IN A xx.xx.xx.xx IN A x.xx.xx.xx IN A x.xx.xx.xx IN A IN A x.xx.xx.xx IN MX 5 IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx ipx.xx.xx.xx ?all”

What can possibly be wrong?

Where exactly are you getting this error?

I don’t see anything wrong really with your zone. The MX record for “” (I suppose that is your domain in question?) points to the correct hostname, and “” points to the IP (is that IP correct?).

Also can’t find problems with your zone.

Note: According to the .be nameservers, the responsible nameservers for “” are not servers of yours, but those: 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS ;; Received 87 bytes from in 30 ms

Maybe you set the glue records at your registrar incorrectly?

hemm. embarrassing. I forgot to rename 2 of the domains.
The domain you looked up is on my server, but I have urgently pointed the DNS to a professional DNS server (cloudflare) in order not to miss any more mails …

However, I seem to be having the same problem with tons of other domains on the same server.
The dns server is on the same server as the webserver. The dedicated server has 1 IP and 2 virtual IP’s: 1 for webserver, 1 for second DNS and 1 ip for ssl cert.

The cloudflare service is working fine, but in due time, I want to completely get rid of it, so I need to get the DNS working properly.

Thanks already for your help :slight_smile:

Since you’re hosting public services (at least I assume you do), domain names and IP addresses are no secrets. :slight_smile: In fact, I need to know them to do any meaningful tests here.

Can you reiterate what the problem exactly is? Where did you do this “MX checkup”? What domains are not working? The one you posted, since you modified the glue records, are unusable for a test really.

Thanks for your reply.
The following are some of the domains currently having issues and which are still on the same DNS server:
they should be pointing to and (which might be working now since I put back to cloudflare)

I checked with various online tools including

I can’t see any problems with the MX records for any of these domains… Neither with dig, nor with the “webmaster-toolkit” website. MX records exists for all of them and point to “mail.domain”. That in turn points to the IP

What issues exactly are you having, let’s say with

That will probably be since is now pointing to a valid DNS server, distributing correct DNS values for the other domains. I will change the DNS server for to demonstrate what happens.
This can take an hour or 2 though…

Great, so since I am using a fully qualified DNS server for my main NS, all the domains are resolving. For the time being I can work with that.

Thanks for the help. I will pick this back up when I managed to bind the new IP to my server (that one is still giving issues)