Multisites and SSL for mail

Hi again,

now I’m able to retrieve and send emails with my domains I’m facing an issue with SSL certificates.

I’ve created 2 domains with SSL from Let’s encrypt for each.
I’ve copied both to Dovecot using the copy button .
If I look into the /etc/postfix/ file both certificates are references on the good IP (for each domain attached to it owns IP address).

But when I try to access to the email account from an email client only the last copied certificate is proposed. So the other domain get an SSL warning due to a certificate not related to its domain.

How can I fix this ? I want to be able to have an SSL certificate for each site (this part is working well) but also the corresponding SSL certificate used for emails.

Thansk in advance.

You can have only one SSL per mail server so last SSL copied will be the one used for emails. Best to use neutral domain for such things (email, webmin, etc.) and then set separate SSL for each domain for https.

Thank for your answer. But what about the Multiple SSL certificates configuration supported by Dovecot ( ?

It can be set manually but not sure Virtualmin support such function. You should wait for Vm dev to jump in and share some light.