multiple website ssl with 3.64


First of all thanks for implementing this into virtualmin.

I’m trying to configure it to work. I have my main IP address and I have a website on that IP with a certificate that matches. Now when I try to create a 2nd website on the same IP address, how do I generate the csr and install the certificate? I don’t see any way of doing that unless I assign website #2 to a virtual IP. Which is kind of pointless since the goal here is to use the same IP. Or am I missing something?

Do I need to create website #1 under a virtual IP and all others under that same virtual IP?

Thanks for your help,

I’m on CentOS 5.2 btw


Hi Tony,

While I haven’t explored the multiple SSL site feature (or even Virtualmin 3.64 for that matter), I’m pretty sure what it’s doing is simply allowing you to take advantage of a wildcard SSL certificate.

With the way SSL works, you can only have one SSL certificate per IP address.

So, normally, you’d assign something like the name to your SSL cert when you’re generating it.

But with a wildcard SSL cert, you could assign something like *

In that case, you wouldn’t be setting up additional CSR’s and such – you’d simply be inputting the same certificate and key for each domain.

Does that help?

Has 3.64 been released yet? I didn’t see any update yet.


Thanks for your help Andrey. That cleared it up.

balzercomp, 3.64 came out this week: