Multiple webmin/virtualmin servers


What I am trying to acheive is the following. Multiple sites with each site getting it’s own physical machine/hardware. I have installed webmin and virtualmin on each server “four of so far” each with there own domain e.g serverone.domain.tld, servertwo.domain.tld and so on. My router is set to send all http trafic to server one. The question is how do I tell server one that the domain name that is wanted is actualy on say server two and to foward the request there.

I do know I am making things much more difficult than needs be, but multiple hardware/servers is a must which is why I would like to solve this problem.

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If you’d just like to route “website” traffic to a node behind the firewall, on “Server One” you could use “mod_proxy” by Apache or similar to proxy the data to the other node.

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Ideally you’d want either multiple IP addresses to go with the domains, or use different port numbers (if you can expect your users to enter a port number in their browser) for this kind of setup. If that’s not an option, like Peter said, you’d need to work with a reverse proxy, since you can forward each port only to one machine.