Multiple Virtualmin server instances using a Virtualmin DNS cluster

Hi there,

I am running 6 servers with Virtualmin and until now have been using third-party DNS servers for these servers (actually the DNS servers of the hosting company I use). I am now wanting to properly implement DKIM and the DNS web interface of the hosting company only supports txt records of up to 250 bytes long which is too short for DKIM txt records. Although all of the servers are from the same hosting company, 3 are located in one datacenter and the other 3 are in a different datacenter owned by the same hosting company, and they are in different cities.

In defence of the hosting company they have offered to add these txt records if I email them to them, but we are dealing with over 200 domains on my servers and they are bound to make a mistake and I would prefer in any case not to be dependant upon them for handling my DNS.

I would now like to create my own DNS servers to use for this cluster of Virtualmin servers. I have been researching this for a while but do not find any immediate solutions, both by googling and looking in the VIrtualmin forums, maybe I am just not looking for the correct keywords, so if this has been answered before please forgive me and point me to a link!

What would be ideal is that I have a cluster of Virtualmin (Webmin) servers handling my DNS in Master/Slave configuration. I know how this is done, and it looks great. It appears as though this only works seamlessly if the Master server also hosts all of the domains. Is it possible to delegate DNS handling to a different Virtualmin server? In this I mean, if I create a new domain on a server which is not the Master DNS server, can I get the DNS to be handled by my DNS cluster?

If this is not possible, how do I best go about getting these DNS records handled by the DNS cluster - is this a manual task, what are the steps, etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.