Multiple SSL sites on one IP - question

Another rookie question :slight_smile:

Just experimenting with the SSL settings. I’d like to use SNI initially - relying on one certificate for multiple sites. However when I save the config, having checked “Allow multiple SSL websites on the same IP”, I get this error:

“Multiple SSL websites on the same IP address have been enabled on the Virtualmin Configuration page, but your web server does not support this feature.”

Does Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) not support this feature, really?


Nuts, I suspect you’re seeing a bug.

Could you open a new support request, using the “Support” link above, and post this info there?

Jamie will then be able to work with you to correct that for the next Virtualmin version.

Be sure to note your distribution and version.



Have raised issue -

Thanks again.

Decided to scrub my LAMP VM, create a new bare bones server and run the virtualmin install script. Works a treat on Ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks again