Multiple public IPs how to ... ?

On a new server with 2 public IPs, I would like to set 1 site to 1 dedicated public IP and not the one that is set now.
I do not know how to set that, in "Edit Virtual Server" I think…

If someone know how to set that that would help me (and hopefully someone else)



To configure a Virtual Server with a private/dedicated IP, you can go into Edit Virtual Server -> IP address and interfaces, and just set the new IP in "Virtual interface".

just set the new IP in "Virtual interface"

Even if it is -not- a virtual interface ?

Yeah – I hope someone will yell at me if I’m horribly off-base here – but I believe that field simply assigns an IP to a Virtual Server.

It shouldn’t matter whether it’s a “virtual interface” or not (and in fact, I don’t particularly care for that field name, but that’s another story :slight_smile:

I would just make sure you select the checkbox that states “Already active” so it doesn’t attempt to bring that IP online a second time.

True that Works !