Multiple PHP-Versions not working after update

I updated my server this morning and after the update finished, websites using PHP stopped working, showing 500 internal server error.

I checked the Server Configuration → PHP Options and it still showed 7.3.33 configured as FCGId. But when i placed a phpinfo on the domain it shows PHP Version 8.2.4, the newest installed on the system. But I need the 7.3.33 to run the installations. How can I switch back to the correct settings?

Thanks a lot in advance

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages SUGGESTED

Shouldn’t this be “how can I get my users to update to the latest up-to-date PHP version”?
version 7 is a whole major version backwards from version 8

I don’t know why but it gives me issues to FCGid used to allow a per directory setting … from the panel … it no longer allows this maybe this has some bearing ?

That is not the point.

The question was why the changes don´t take place.

Somehow it worked again, but I cannot say why. That´s a little frustrating.

So perhaps it´s like sometimes it works and sometimes not?

I understand that … I merely pointed out this may be related to your problem

“That is not the point.” Sorry, this answer was not for you.

I understood your response, thank you for sharing your experience.

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