Multiple PHP Configurations under Services


Hello… I have two installations of Virtualmin on two different servers. I have multiple PHP versions installed on both machines. On one of the servers I can configure each of these php versions by going to Services and then the configuration is available for each version.

multiple configurations

On the other machine it just says php-fpm and allows me to only set the configuration for one of the PHP versions (whichever is active).

pfm configuration

It’s much more convenient to have each configuration available. What can I do to make sure I have the configuration available for each version of PHP under services.


When you added the additional versions, did you by chance forget to install the PHP-FPM package?

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It depends on PHP execution mode, configurable under Server Configuration > Website Options for Virtualmin version 6.14 or lower and starting with Virtualmin 6.15 it will be located on Server Configuration > PHP Options page.

The reason why you’re seeing this in FCGId mode, is that FCGId mode support different PHP version configurations on per-directory basis, while FPM allows only one global version set per virtual server (domain).



Good point.

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So how do I activate the FCGId mode as I prefer that setup

Dan Lewis

It looks to me like I’ve got the FCGld option enabled. but sometimes I get the per directory configuration option and sometimes I don’t

Here is my system information if this helps

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