Multiple navigation menu colors

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to have every virtual server display its own navigation menu color?

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I can think of two ways to do this. The first would require the addition of a 6 digit hexadecimal code preceded by a hash to the description field of the virtual server and an appropriate modification to Webmin’s code to apply this hex value to the navigation pane. I work with non-text / colour and shape based user interfaces in India in order to enable non-English speaking and perhaps non-literate people to use dashboards and control panels in industrial environments, so I can empathize @Centaro with your need for such a requirement.

The second and perhaps easier way would be to add a browser extension, commonly referred to as live / external CSS editor, that could be configured to change colours of the navigation panel by targeting it’s CSS selector. This has the advantage of offering you an immediate solution without the need to edit Webmin’s code.

There could be a third way if Webmin uses a templating framework like Twig or Handlebar… I don’t know if it does.

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