multiple ip's on same site

Hi all, i think we have an odd one here, a fresh install of centos 7 with latest vitualmin. the server is attached to a couple of private vlan networks, and a site which needs to be dished up on to those different vlans. When we installed the site it choose the default ip of the server vlan 1 with an internet gateway, the site runs fine from there, but not on other vlans. From the address and network tab, we change the ip to the second vlan and great it works there but not on vlan 1…
How can we get this to run on all the ip’s?

Adding a route from vlan 2 to vlan 1 in your router would be one way.

Untested, but another way could be:
In Virtualmin -> Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses, add your IPs in the “Shared IPv4 addresses for any servers” box.
Then, in Webmin -> Servers -> Apache Webserver you’ll see all the “Existing virtual hosts”. On the “Create virtual host” tab, replicate your site but with the new IP address.

Let us know how you get on.