Multiple IP, multiple SSL cert, same server. Openned challenge !


I have a special situation here.
Ok, new virtualhost are create under a possibility of 4 sub-domains base on some factors we established.


I want each domain to provide SSL service but I cannot use SNI, so I need to put those four domains on their own IP adress with their own SSL certificate. I currently have a DNS wildcard setup to redirect to those 4 sub-domains.

How I would go and be able to do that in virtualmin/webmin ?

Is it possible ? I hope so…



It’s no problem to put 4 different domains each on it’s own IP.

You can set a domain to have a private IP by going into Server Configuration -> Change IP address, and there you can set a private IP for that domain.

Or, if you prefer the IP to be shared, rather than private, you can first set an IP to be shared in Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses, and there you can setup as new IP as shared… and once you do that, it’ll appear in the “Shared IP Addresses” dropdown in the Change IP Address screen.



thanks for your response.

Actually my setup is not that trivial, I think.

the 4 domains *, *, *, * doesn’t really exist as domain.

Dynamically we create (via our own interface, using your api) domain which looks like,

So each wildcard take care of the domain created under. Ex. *
-will have an ip adresse with a wildcard entry in our DNS
-will have a wildcard ssl certificate.

to manage every domain which ends with “”:

I don’t explicitly have “” created in virtualmin, it’s more like a group of domain.

Don’t know if I’m clear enought … :-s ?

Thank you

Is there a way to at least specify under which ip adresse I want a virtualhost to respond, in the case I have four ip adresses.

With the server plans ?

Any other suggestion ?

Thank you


I am also having somewhat similar situation. I am having a number of sub-domains
If I am using separate ssl for each of these subdomains, Is it necessary to have different IP address for each of these subdomains ?

I am using webmin