Multiple domains pointed to one


we have multiples domains as .net .com, ect and we want to point all of them to the same virtual server? Is this possible?


Sure, you want a Virtual Server alias.

So, if you already have your Virtual Server – say, "", choose it from the drop-down on the top-left, and click Create Virtual Server -> Alias of

Then, you can enter something like "" as the domain name.

Many thanks!

this is working perfectly. The only issue I have realized I am facing is that in the log files I have the aliases as refering sites. Is there any way to consolidate this?


Moving finally from PLESK to Virtualmin, I wonder if there is a way to add multiple domain names/create multiple Aliases AT ONCE (=without copying, pasting, hitting enter and back over and over again :slight_smile:


Well, if you’re moving from an existing Plesk system, there’s always the option of performing an actual migration, using the backup files from your Plesk domains.

If that’s a possibility, you won’t have to type any domain names at all! You could just take those Plesk backups, go into Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server, then point it to the backup files.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to manually create a number of Virtual Servers, you can use Add Servers -> Batch Create Servers. You can also use some shell scripting along with the command line tools… you can see a list of options by typing “virtualmin” on the command line.