multiple domains multiple ips

How do I get the SSL certs to copy over correctly.

I have two domains and

Both have valid SSL certs.

Both have different ip’s

Both have the cert correctly working per domain, but when
I want to copy certs to the postfix, dovecot usermin,
it seems to overwrite the cert with the

or another way to put it,
when I copy the cert in Manage SSL Certificate
then log into it works, but it also copys that same cert and overwrites
the cert, then when logging onto it gives errors that the cert is wanting to be confirmed as, basically overwriting the original setup with

Any help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately, it’s only possible to use one SSL certificate with those services – they don’t support having multiple SSL certificates within them.

So Virtualmin will indeed overwrite the SSL certificate when you copy one out to it.

The only way around that would be to use a single SSL certificate that’s configured with multiple domains – that’s called a UCC certificate.