multiple domain directory layout


I’ve been using Virtualmin for just over a month now and it’s great although I’ve got just one problem.

When I create a user account, their primary domain has all their web files within ~/public_html. Any additional domains I create for the user will be placed in a ~/domains directory.

Is there any way to make new users have their initial domain directory appear in ~/domains aswell?

This is using Virtualmin under Webmin on a FreeBSD box.


why would you want that?
/public_html is for the main domain
~/domains is for sub-servers
You want the main domain in the place of a sub-server…or am i missing something?

you can do something like /home/v/userA though

I usually recommend the following, when folks want to do something like that:

Create the first account as a sort of non-domain user. So, if my hosting provider website was called domain.tld, I would create a first virtual server for user mre1f not using one of his domains…so I would name it mre1f.domain.tld. This gives him the username "mre1f" and a first website of "mre1f.domain.tld", which is just a placeholder. Nothing need ever go there.

Now, he can create his own domains as Sub-servers (assuming you granted him this right), and they will all go into ~/domains/, just as you wish. Assuming you grant sub-servers the right to install scripts, create mailboxes, etc. this gives pretty much all of the same capabilities as that first, unused, domain.

I’m not necessarily suggesting this the the best way to interact with Virtualmin, but it does present users an experience along the lines of what you’re asking for.