Multiple Additional SPF IP and Domains


I need to add multiple additional IPs and domains to SPF records in Server Template, in these forms:

Additional SPF IPs and hostnames
Additional SPF included domains

But what are the correct syntax to write inline multiple IPs and domais here?

I don’t like to double post…but I don’t get any answer here, and I solved my problem and glad to share the solution here if anyone will have this problem in the future too…my solution was let the settings like the default of virtualmin (don’t change), like that:

Servers Template -> Default settings -> BIND DNS domain
Add SPF DNS record? -> No

And on ‘BIND DNS records for new domains’ change to ‘Records below …’ and add your desired SPF record, like:
${DOM}. IN TXT “v=spf1 mx ip4=IP1 ip4=IP2 ip4=IP3 -all”