Multi-Server Licenses

I got a client that might be willing to get VM Pro if he can get a discount. He is looking at 3 licenses for the 10 domain version for $69 each. Joe?Jamie could you possibly email me soon about this?

I didn’t see any VM Pro licenses that covered more then just 1 server, there should be some right? I thought at one time there was one.

I wish you guys had a VM Reseller program. Sure would make this a whole lot easier for me especially when in the last 1.5 years I have gotten a dozen licenses bought by my clients by selling it’s features to them.

I’ll email you. We’re happy to do a reseller deal with you.

Sent a reply back – check your email.

I am also interested in the Reseller Program and in Multi Server License. Joe, we have already written some time via e-mail, remember?

I can see this taking a rapid left turn ( not meaning you Gray). Unless otherwise noted, when you become a reseller you also need to be prepared to become a support specialist or at least third party intermediary. Let’s be frank, if you’re not comfortable getting past dedicated server or root access you might want to reconsider the notion of reseller until you can at least run your product. Perhaps you might be thinking more in the terms of affiliate referrals.

Excuse me?

I seriously doubt you know what my skills are and comments like that just show it.

Keep your hat on Scott. He wasn’t talking to you (see the “not meaning you Gray” comment–ya’know, “gray” is right there in your name).

Don’t worry about the reseller guidelines. We’re taking signing on resellers slowly and with caution. We know everybody in this thread and we know their capabilities. We’ll try to handle it all in a way that insures end users are getting a good installation of Virtualmin and a reasonable front-line of support. Taking on resellers is, of course, the only way we’re ever going to be able to scale this business beyond an “in the spare bedroom” operation, but we’re not starving, so we’re not going to rush it in ways that will cause us to make stupid mistakes.

whoa Gray,
By not meaning you I was referring to others, you’ve been more than just a help on this forum, you’re more like a resource.

Ok sorry for that then

If you are referring to me, I can tell you that in my company we are using Virtualmin already for a long time. Although the number of posts on the forum are few, we have a few dozen Virtualmin GPL version installed. But we are only now beginning to migrate PRO version.

Of course it is up to you evaluate the goodness of the partners. But do not do it just by the number of posts in the forum.

Everybody in this thread is well-qualified to be a reseller and Virtualmin Partner (and we hope all three of you will be once the program is actually underway). Don’t fret none, guys, everything is under control. And don’t point fingers. :wink: