multi nic question

multi nic setup

ok i have 6 nics in a machine(all gig-e). Hre is what i want to do:

eth0 and eth1 i want to team.

eth 2,3,4,5 I want them as individual nics because my firewall vm needs three separate nics. That would leave me with one spare. How can i set this scenario up under cloudmin. BR0 grabs eth0. any way to add eth1 to it as a load balanced team?

Well, although Cloudmin doesn’t handle this for you, you could manually setup bonding between multiple NIC’s, and then have br0 use the bonded interface rather than eth0.

How exactly to do that depends on your distro, but you can search for “linux bond nic’s” on Google, but you can see some details here:

Here is some more good info on the Linux bonding driver configuration options:

We are using mode=6 with 4 x GbE on our storage system with great results. Each Xen box has 2 x GbE bonded for the storage network. If you want to use the bonded network for storage we also found bumping the MTU to 9000 made a big difference in performance.