Mulitple PHP versions - Newer version than 5.4.16?

Hi all

I have succesfully installed multiple PHP Versions on our Virtualmin Instance.
Does anyone know if it is possible to install a newer version that the one listed in SCL repository??

It’s “only” version 5.4.16 and the current version is 5.5.9

  • Tim

To Virtualmin

It looks like this is not an option for CentOS 5 anymore, is that correct?

I am not able to find the RPM package for CentOS 5.

  • Tim


Yeah, unfortunately, the Software Collections repository we were originally recommending for providing multiple PHP versions is no longer being maintained.

The good news is that CentOS now provides their own Software Collections Repository.

The bad news though is that it’s only available for CentOS 6, and that the newest PHP version they provide is what you found, version 5.4.16.

I suspect we’ll see other versions from them in the future, but as of now it’s just that one.

There’s some extra info on the CentOS SCL repo available here if you’re interested:

The 5.4.16 provided is just like the stock 5.3.3, the patches are backported by Red Hat. They haven’t released anything newer since Dec 2013. They will also be providing a php55 package as well, whenever CentOS gets around to it.

The 5.4.16 version will always be 5.4.16, just like the stock 5.3.3 is.