Moving site to another domain within same Virtualmin account?

Hi - I just want to move the site files and database from one domain to another on the same virtualmin server.

So basically I’m just moving from to - do i need to create a new virtual server for or can i use the import/migrate option? Ultimately i do want a new virtual server for - just want to know the best method of making this site move.


You wouldn’t be able to use import or migrate for that.

However, would it by chance work to rename the domain? You can rename a domain by going into Server Configuration -> Change Domain Name.

Otherwise, you may need to create a new Virtual Server, and then move your desired files into there.

Transferring the database contents would be a little trickier… I believe the best way to do that is to go into Edit Databases -> Manage -> Backup Database.

And then, to restore those contents to a new database, you could use Edit Databases -> Manage -> Backup Database -> Execute SQL -> Import Text File.


Like Eric said, we’d need to know what exactly you need to do with the domain. If the whole domain with all its databases and files is to be “moved”, renaming it should suffice like Eric outlined.

Otherwise, to “migrate” databases, you might use the function to disconnect them from Virtualmin control in the source domain and re-connect them in the destination domain. The database management screens should have commands for that.

yeah, renaming it seems to have worked - however, i did get one error message that said the following:
Renaming Webmin user …
… Webmin login failed! : Not a HASH reference at /usr/libexec/webmin/acl/ line 1286.

Any idea what this means?