Moving server to new IP Addresses

My ISP has informed me that they will need to move my block of IP addresses because of issues with their downstream provider . . . Is there a checklist or HowTo so I can be sure that I make all the necessary changes, and make them in the right order?

There’s essentially three steps to changing your IP address.

First, you need to update the IP address and gateway for the network interface. You can do that in Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Network Interface.

When you change the interface IP address and gateway, your provider will need to make any updates on their end to enable that IP address.

Second – once that IP address is online, and you’re able to access it – you need to go into Virtualmin -> Addresses and Networking, and make sure that the new IP is listed in “Shared IP Addresses”.

Third, after it’s listed in Shared IP addresses, you can go into “Change IP Addresses”, and update your old IP address, and change it to the new one. That’ll update all the Apache, DNS, and related configs.